Three Ways to Boost Your Travel Photography

Three Ways to Boost Your Travel Photography

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When traveling, photographers frequently focus on the well-known attractions that everyone else captures, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, Big Ben in London, etc. There are methods to capture the atmosphere of a place without necessarily getting the “standard” photo, though, as oppo

In this video, travel and lifestyle photographer Patrick Stapleton offers some advice on how to get the best photos when you’re abroad. There is nothing wrong with taking a “Instagram shot” to prove you were there; after all, the reason a place is well-liked is because it makes for consistently attractive photos. People typically anticipate that.

Stapleton offers three tips to veer off the usual path: add people, seek for details, and try to indicate that you’re in a location without giving away the apparent tell that you’re there.

For the first recommendation, this frequently entails including significant landmarks in the backdrop of a picture rather than necessarily making them the subject. This can entail changing the foreground’s subject or setting, or including locals or elements of their language in the images.

Photojournalists constantly strive to implement that second piece of people advice. People are stronger in an image when they are included, whether on purpose or accidentally. Stapleton adds that occasionally, merely a portrait of a person can convey the essence of a location.

Last but not least, while photographers frequently focus on the wide angles and big picture pictures that are expected from a given location, sometimes it’s the small details that can disclose the tale of the place and provide the viewer with information that the wide, scene-setting snapshot does not.

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