Check out our list of the best car donation charities!

Check out our list of the best car donation charities!

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Donate your old car to charity to make room in your driveway and reduce your tax bill. Nonprofits can either repossess or sell your car and use the money to support their charitable causes. Many accept vehicles of any make or condition.

To avoid scams, make sure you donate to a legitimate nonprofit and get a valid tax receipt. We looked into national car donation charities that accept donations. Just because the name Healing Heroes Network says it’s a non-profit doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

What you need to know

All types of car donations are accepted from all 50 states

Vehicles can be in virtually any condition, as long as it’s in one piece, has an engine and is accessible for a tow truck

The Red Cross is an organization whose mission is to help people in times of need, whether it’s shelter, food or water for those affected by natural disasters or other emergencies

When you give a vehicle to the Red Cross, you are working directly with CARS, a nonprofit organization that handles car donations on behalf of other charities. CARS and the Red Cross have a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and are both IRS-recognized nonprofits.

While the Red Cross distributes some of the proceeds to CARS, CARS uses the value of the donation for its own mission of providing transportation for people with mobility limitations, such as elderly adults and people with disabilities.

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