About Social Snug - Next Generation Social Media
Introducing Social Snug, The Next Generation Social Media, this is an internet-based form of communication. Our platform allows users to have conversations, share information and create web content. www.socialsnug.net Our Mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. And to empower more than thousands of people around the world to share ideas, offer support and make a difference. #socialsnug #socialsnugllc #socialsnug.net #bestsocialmedia #socialmedia

About Social Snug

The Next Generation Social Media


Social Snug is an internet-based form of communication. Our platform allows users to have conversations, share information, and create web content. Users can upload Photos, Videos, Voice recordings, Shopping Carts, and more. Users can also Like, Comment, Share, etc, on people's posts. On the other hand, users can earn money by using our platform.




Social Snug is a social site for Bangladeshi people. Our Social Media have also become a different social site. Social Snug officially started its journey on 12th June 2015. Sirajul Salehin Durjoy is the Founder and CEO of Social Snug. He started dreaming of a Bangladeshi social site in 2014. In December 3, 2021, socialsnug.net purchased the domain. Within 5 month of the start of the experiment, the number of life page members exceeded 5,000. It was unimaginable. Social Snug currently has thousands of users. Although Social Snug is a social networking site, its main goal is to create a platform for the online income of its users. Now, there are four types of income in the Social Snug.


1. Joining bonus. One dollar can be obtained by completing the profile and giving a text status by completing the account.

2. Referral Bonus. When a member invites another member to the Social Snug through his referral link, when the referred member earns one dollar, the referring member will get a 10 cents bonus.

3. Top Member Bonus. One is basically a contest. Contest winners will receive prizes. Details can be found on the contest page.

4. Target bonus. This bonus can be obtained by gaining a certain number of followers.

5. Top Referee Bonus

6. Activity Bonus: Bonus dollars can be obtained through points by commenting, like, but this dollar cannot be withdrawn, it can only be advertised.



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